ISSUE 0.28

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Infrastructure Glitches

New, original content on Glitchet, glitch art cred, dystopian Chinese future-presents, hired Russian trolls, and more.

Machines and Messages

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Failure@Origin: Glitch Art in Peru

Paola Torres Núñez del Prado's fascinating essay on how glitch art found its beginnings in Peru amidst the failing infrastructure in Lima.

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Futuristic 3D Love and the Museum of Virtual Art

Beautiful work by Troy Ford and Nicole Ruggiero! Glitch cred in the mainstream!

thank you based scientists []

Theories of Everything, Mapped

Really neat website mapping out various theories of how the universe works, and how they relate.

professional russian trolls []

The Agency

These are the first, truly impressive examples of computer-generated poetry that I've seen. Twitter bots, anyone? Worth reading if you're into either machine learning or poetry.

the straight dope []

'Orwellian Dystopia' or Trustworthy Nation? Get the Facts on China's Social Credit System

Remember that Chinese reputation system I linked, adding that I wasn't sure if it's real? It's real.

smelly []

Why Engineers Can’t Stop Los Angeles' Enormous Methane Leak

The hole is so big that they can't push fluid into it fast enough to stop the gas from coming out. That's... what she said?