Text in brackets [like this] show what applications or operating systems are needed to do what's shown in the tutorials, but you can usually use a similar piece of software or approach to achieve similar effects. Experiment and have fun!

Text in parentheses (like this) indicate that this tutorial will need you to have comfort with a specific skill, like (programming) or using the (command line).

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General tutorials

These are tutorials that cover multiple techniques or serve as good general primers.

Hex / Text Editing

Use text or hex editors to edit the low-level data of a file and break it.

Data-as-Sound Editing

Use audio editors to glitch out images by interpreting them as sound, either putting them back out into images or using them as "music".

Datamoshing / Video Glitching

Alter or destroy frames of video or GIFs with a variety of techniques.

3d Glitching

Glitching out 3d models with fascinating results. Typically requires a basic understanding of 3d modeling. (I don't know a ton about this. Have a suggestion? Let me know!)

Miscellaneous Hackery / Resources

Cool tricks that don't necessarily fit under any specific category, or are more obscure.


The following table lists out tons of different tools and resources I've found and collected here. You can sort by the various columns or use the search filter to find something. A quick legend:

  • Name - The name of the thing, also the link
  • Description - A brief description
  • Interface - How you interact with the tool - can be: GUI, for a graphic user interface (like Photoshop), CLI for a command line interface (like ffmpeg), or Code for a code library you can use programmatically
  • Platform - What platforms support the tool - can be Web, Windows, Linux, or OS X
  • Price - How much the tool costs, if anything - can be Free or the actual price (may indicate Trial)

Glitch Aesthetic History and Articles

Learn more about the origins of glitch aesthetic and its ilk.

Glitchety Communities

There are a ton of little communities focused around the things that Glitchet is interested in around the net.

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