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Immersive Worlds

Designers building worlds with their hands in virtual reality. Painted worlds. Hilarious job simulators. A Salvador Dali painting turned into a 360 video. AND ROBOTS!

he's basically building with lightsabers []

Watch a Designer Work with the Unreal Engine from Within Virtual Reality

Even as the controls seem slightly shaky, you can already tell immediately how impactful this can be to 3d modeling, sculpting, and building work. VR is how we think!

graphics programming is so cool []

Rendering painted world in JG

Really cool technical blog post (lots of pictures!) on how to get a real-time "painted world" magical effect going on. Watch the video and wait for when he steps through the paitning!

hauntingly beautiful []

Walk Inside a Surrealist Salvador Dalí Painting with This 360º Virtual Reality Video

A super cool 360 video. I recommend trying it out on your phone - even better if you have a Google Glass or GearVR (but you don't need 'em). 360 videos, especially aesthetic ones like this, bring up an interesting agency question. I can look around, but I can't interact. What does that imply about my role as the observer? I'm sure there will be essays from people who are more qualified to talk about this than me.

would you say it's a … go pro? a .. gobot? []

How Google’s AI Beat a Human at ‘Go’ a Decade Earlier Than Expected

Go has long been considered the unsolvable AI problem. But behold! It is solved! A grand quote: "The search process itself is not based on brute force, it's based on something more akin to imagination." It honestly excites me greatly to think about how we'll have more and more opportunities to leverage machine learning to solve problems for us. It's only a matter of time!

i made you, and you can unmake me []

Robot Culture is Human Culture

An interesting look at our fears about robots, all the while we created them and ultimately decide what they will do.

become one with the robot []

Mind Meld - Zoe McCarthy

This is a short and simple but really neat telepresence video showing off some tech that UC Berkeley student, Zoe McCarthy, is working on that allows her to control a robot's hands and camera using VR and some custom-made robo-gloves. My mind drifts off, dreaming about fighting other robots with robots in VR but in real life. My favorite part about this video is how everyone just ignores this weird robot-and-VR-girl pairing, like, "There's Zoe doing her crazy robot thing." They've seen it all before. Also, is UC Berkeley basically the school from Big Hero 6?