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Mind Meets Machine

A computer made of brains, mind seeing, new sensing, machine learning, VR goggles, pirate hackers, deep dream Donald Drumpf.

sensationalization squash []

No, We Can’t "Upload Knowledge To Your Brain"

You may have seen this one going around the internet. Sorry, it's been sensationalized.

sense creation []

TED Talk: Can we create new senses for humans?

This is a pretty fascinating talk about how our brain will work with and interpret new forms of information; did you know that there's a machine that can give tactile information to blind people in tandem with a camera, and they learn to navigate the world based on the "touch picture" presented to them? Crazy! And what the speaker invented is even crazier.

mystery algorithms []

Machine Learning Works Great—Mathematicians Just Don’t Know Why

How often can you say, "Hey, let's just throw these things together and hope it helps" and have it actually work?

deep dreaming donald drumpf []


A Twitter bot trained on Donald Trump's transcripts. "We need somebody that literally has a nuclear wealth, and the enemy tougher on with. And, in my opinion, the new China, believe me."

working in the screen []

This engineer replaced his 4 monitors with Meta glasses — and it might be the future of work

As soon as I saw VR, I KNEW this would be a usage. I would love to use this for work. When can I buy a pair?