ISSUE 0.38

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Rampant Technology

We're seeing new, wild technologies that will change how we perceive the world we live in forever. And also some total failures and cyberpunky goodness. Enjoy!


Years In Glitch: Procrastination As An Art Form

A thoughtful, lovely contemplation on the process of glitching as a pasttime.


Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos

Now we just need to wait for audio reconstruction and then we can begin fabricating all of the evidence.


Cyberpunk Illustrations of a Dystopian Future

Gorgeous cyberpunk novel on Kickstarter. It's way past its original goal but not done yet so you can pledge to get yourself a copy.

gifs inside []

It's Finally Happening. The World's First Giant Robot Fight is This June

Someone told me that the bots are only allowed to melee fight, which might explain why their guns are more showy and less huge fireball explodey.


Skyscrapers — but no sewage system. Meet a city run by private industry

This is an absolutely fascinating read into one of the most cyberpunk ideas possible: a privatized city.


China's brand-new abandoned cities could be dystopian movie sets

Weird that these cities were totally abandoned. Built and left behind to gather dust and fantasies.


Scientists Just Removed HIV from Human Immune Cells Using CRISPR Gene-Editing

Yes, this is exactly as big of a deal as it sounds. No human trials yet, but we're seeing hope in a previously hopeless and widespread area.