ISSUE 0.47

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The Dark Side

Dark, bizarre, bad news that you can't look away from. Military contractors, super bugs, killer robots, secret courts, workforce automation. Oh, and art!


The Court That Rules the World

First part of a whole series - "A parallel legal universe, open only to corporations and largely invisible to everyone else, helps executives convicted of crimes escape punishment."


The Chaos Company

A detailed look at the world's largest military contractor, and how it does the U.S.'s dirty work.


Attack of the Killer Robots

Homemade drones and munitions are a very real threat from people who simply have the money and time to acquire them.


"A Honeypot For Assholes": Inside Twitter’s 10-Year Failure To Stop Harassment

A long look at the history of Twitter's attempts (and failures) to stop abuse.


Government Hackers Caught Using Unprecedented iPhone Spy Tool

Phishing driven, three-iOS-exploit-combining malware. "One of the most sophisticated pieces of cyberespionage software we’ve ever seen."


Inside A Secret Government Warehouse Prepped For Health Catastrophes

They won't talk much about what's in it (or what's not in it), but it's valued at over $7 billion. Distribution is a concern, and this is just the beginning.