The future is scary. Let's stare into it together.

Glitchet is a free, weekly newsletter that plays in the ground between mysticism and science, dystopia and utopia, organic and concrete, material and innumerable, and inner and outer.

If you like to think about transhumanism, magic, robots taking over the world, occultists already ruling the world, cybersurveillance, divination, and you like eyefeast-worthy art, you'll love this.

Praise for Glitchet

Glitchet, perennially a vaguely unsettling feast for the eyes.


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Jamie Kelly

An alluring kaleidoscope of our contemporary dystopia, purportedly compiled by a human, not that I have anything against bots.


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If you love glitch-aesthetic art, I also have a page full of great glitch art tutorials, tools, and links.