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Welcome to the future. (It's now.)

Thanks for subscribing to Glitchet! I hope you enjoy your stay. In this inaugural issue, we have robot jedis, drone warfare, Elon Musk's Hyperloop, illegal electronic cartography, a tormented journalist's confession, a cool toy, and some great glitch art.

robot jedi

What Happens When a Samurai Trains a Sword-Wielding Bot?

This sword bot can defend against a swing every 2-3 seconds.

You ever think, "Who am I on the internet, really? I don't think even I know I'm a dog at this point."

a toy at

Fractal Lab

A free tool that uses fractal math to generate cool 2d and 3d renders in your browser, with all sorts of settings and graphics options. I made the thing on the right here.