ISSUE 0.11

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Hack the Planet, and the Glitchet Forum!

This issue is about two things: hacking, and the Glitchet forum. I have so many hacking articles because I think hacking is simultaneously terrible and kind of awesome and 100% fascinating. I know a bunch of you think it's interesting, too, so - have some!

And another thing is that I've launched the Glitchet forum, which I'm really excited to present to you. Let's take a look at that now!

Glitchet Community: The Forum!

I'm super psyched to announce the brand new Glitchet Forum. If you love this newsletter and you'd love to meet some of your fellow readers, please sign up and take a look around! I made a thread where you can introduce yourself. The forum is for all of the topics you see in this newsletter every week - crazy futuristic news and discussions, end of the world naysaying and soothsaying, and neat software / hardware artwork. Come say hello!

from the forum: make crazy glitch art videos!

[TUTORIAL] Make Video Glitch Art: How to Datamosh, in Plain English

I also created a step-by-step tutorial on how to datamosh for total beginners. If you've ever seen videos glitch out like crazy and wondered how that was even possible, you can learn from this tutorial.

The Hackening

(cyber) crime drama

The Hunt for the Financial Industry's Most-Wanted Hacker

A long, great read on how law enforcement tracked down one of the sneakiest hackers who sold famous hacking tools like a fully-fledged, illicit company.
cool webgl web art


This is a really neat web art piece by Gus Rolando Holiday, who is realfinethanks on tumblr. If you're on desktop, click through and soak it in.
not to be confused with stenography

Steganography - hiding data within data

This isn't a news article, but it's a pretty neat look at how you can use software to hide data inside of unassuming images. It reminds me of those old obscure crytography riddle sites.
all i am programmed to do is win

Twitter contest winning as a service

Guy writes a Twitter bot to automatically enter ~165,000 retweet contests for him, wins over 1,000 things over the course of 9 months, can't even use most of them.