ISSUE 0.22

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Beautiful Creations

This week's issue is all about amazing things people make, whether it's an algorithm, an image bot, artificial intelligence, social networks, or virtual reality. Enjoy.

algorithmic images make for pretty gifs []

Regressing Images

Applying regression analysis to find the average location of pixels in videos yields some fascinating results.

moving the world forward []

Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow, Its Artificial Intelligence Engine

Google's open sourcing of their sophisticated AI technology is a huge step forward for the industry and academia. Open sourcing is a long-term strategy that helps the entire market.

awesome []

Biohackers Are Implanting LED Lights Under Their Skin

This is rad! I can't wait until this technology gets better so that people that are not me can get even cooler stuff implanted into their bodies. Warning and/or incentive: surgery pictures.

moss vr []

Mossy Virtual Reality Helmets Let You See the Forest as Animals Do

Beautiful. I love that this technology actually makes people look like they fit into the forest as sort of strange, mythical creatures.

vr theme park []

Fightings zombies with Zero Latency is virtual reality gaming at its best

This seems like the logical next step for VR entertainment - physical spaces with virtual overlays that make the environment that much more tactile and real. You can probably charge a pretty penny for it, too.

facebook misses you []

The New Intimacy Economy

Have you noticed that Facebook has been extra creepy, and attached lately? Yeah.

destruction is beautiful []

A Professional Computer Refurbisher Turns Broken MacBooks Into Glitch Art

Some of the patterns here are so gorgeous that they seem as if they have to be fake - but they're not!