ISSUE 0.27

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Machines, Messages, and Strange Economies

Collaboration between Collageno and Rodrigo Garzon

A wide array of interesting articles about the stuff in this issue's title. Read 'em and enjoy the holiday!

Machines and Messages

messages from the past to the future []

The 116 photos NASA picked to explain our world to aliens

Well-done slideshow of the images we sent to tell the aliens who and what we are, from 1977.
he wants to challenge elon musk []

The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car. In His Garage

This guy is sort of full of himself, but he is very smart and his creation is very cool.

Strange Economies

the 1% of vlogging []

Get rich or die vlogging: The sad economics of internet fame

Did you know I used to be a vlogger once? Yeah, I didn't make any money doing it, either.
gendered robots []

Why Do I Have to Call This App ‘Julie’?

I've been thinking about creating a centralized soft-AI app that can process things in my life for me (store a reminder in Evernote, register a reminder in my Trello, text someone that I'll be late), and I was thinking of calling it "Axi", definitely gendered female. Maybe I should explore robotic androgyny as part of the project.