ISSUE 0.29

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Social Systems

Despite how annoying they can be sometimes, I love social networks and technology that changes how we interact with one another. The dynamics of how a normal human interaction can be shaped fascinates me. This one has a couple of articles about that -- including an original article I wrote!

split identities reforming []

The Defragmentation of Social Identity

I wrote this one! It's about how social media frequently forces us to combine disparate parts of our self identity.

the mind behind the mouths []

Who Controls Your Facebook Feed

Insight into the algorithm ruling my social life. Long read, worth the read.

curation at mass []

How Spotify’s Discover Weekly cracked human curation at internet scale

Discover Weekly is, quite frankly, a fantastic piece of technology. I look forward to it every Monday on Spotify and it brings me tons of new music. The algorithm is a really fascinating look at what you can do in recommendation systems with thousands, millions of inputs.

platform evolution []

The History of Twitter's Rules

An intriguing overview of the evolution of Twitter's rules and its stance from free speech protector to abuse culture enabler.

forerunners of technology: art (and pornography) []

Together in electric dreams: how the art world embraced modern technology first

Artists are typically on the cutting edge of technology. Heck, they're already all over VR and 3d worlds, way before the mainstream.

it's all over, we hit the artificial limit []

The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment

Bitcoin is dead, long live Bitcoin Classic! (Or Bitcoin XT, or Bitcoin whatever other fork…)

mad science []

Dead dog lives on after British couple pays to clone him back to life

Like that one bull from 11 years ago that was cloned and gored its owner (check out the This American Life transcript), who knows what this dog might be like.