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The future is cyberpunk. Cyberpunk as heck.

I love cyberpunk. Futuristic technology, dystopian grit, and a whole lot of black clothing. What's not to like? I had a conversation with a coworker the other day about how I wish men had more fashion options. Once the future is here, I'm going full on LED. LED jackets, LED pants, LED underwear. We're not there yet, but you can see the beginnings of it. In this issue, let's take a look at some really cyberpunky stuff.

Robotics and Surveillance

learning robots

Scientists have created robots that can adapt and recover like an animal when damaged

I shot the robot and its leg crumpled inward like a thick tin can. It recoiled, looked at me, then at the floor. Then it started hobbling. It got faster. I turned, I ran.

robot legislature

Shooting a Drone Down Is Illegal, Court Rules

I mean, it makes sense. It is the drone owner's property. Fascinating to incident create legislature for these futuristic technologies.

your life decomposed into pixels

Facebook can recognize you in photos even if you're not looking

If we can recognize someone by build, gait, clothing, and more, why can't a computer? At least online, maybe the next thing could help.

the defense short video

Scramble Suit

Face-mapping technology + a bunch of faces = really cool and creepy.

Glitchet Tumblog

all the best things

I find a lot of cool images online. I can't fit them into just one newsletter a week, so I started a Tumblr. If you like the imagery in this newsletter, you should follow new tumblog to get a daily dose of queued glitch, procedural, and cyberpunk goodness.


master chatbots

Google's artificial-intelligence bot says the purpose of living is 'to live forever'

Don't freak out - this is mostly an advancement in excellent natural language processing. However, the bot ain't wrong. Speaking of living forever...

yep, it's creepy

I Ogled a Schoolgirl in Sony's Virtual Reality

New technology is always used for two things first: sex and war.

twitter taught me how to love

Two chatbots talk to each other: "I love crayons. But you are not dressed."

These robots are sexual, addicts, darkly passionate, and seeded with weird Twitter cybersex. She insulted his brother. "You and me forever." "I have sweat running down my cleavage."

too connected

Breaking the IoT Connection

I once read an interesting article about how by acquiring Nest, Google annexed the homes of those who already had Nest. They bought information, data, a piece of our physical existence. Literally purchased something smart on our walls without our consent. As we bring more intelligence and data to mundane things, the more we have to be careful of making sure that those things aren't exposing us to those we don't want to be exposed to.

data danger

Information Hygiene

A small note, an interesting idea - "information hygiene", how well you know what data you expose, where it's going, where it comes from, who can get to it.

far in the future

OneWeb strikes a $500 million deal to provide internet globally via satellite

A small note. Who knows when? I heard Elon Musk wants to do something like this, too.

long read future think

The Internet That Was (and Still Could Be)

A thoughtful long read on the internet's past, present, and potential future, guided by its architecture and the choices of those who make it.

Military and Bionics

air smart

New Homing Bullets Can Hit Moving Targets

You can't outrun bullets. ... especially not these bullets.

stack, probe, breach

Spherical, throwable Explorer camera to land in 100 US police departments

This is pretty awesome. I recommend checking out the 2-minute video.


First UK user receives world's most lifelike bionic hand

I spend more time imagining what it would be like to own a robot hand than is reasonable. Granted, I don't particularly like the idea of getting my arm hacked.

Arts and Oddities

interactive documentary

CLOUDS – Code, Creativity, and Immersion

I just threw this one in here because it looks really interesting.

hilariously futuristic

Someone in France accidentally ate a fluorescent lamb with jellyfish DNA

National research institute says genetically modified lamb was sold to a slaughterhouse last year (and shrugged while doing so, apparently).