ISSUE 0.30

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The Edge of the Net

Some fascinating new technology, Nautilus love, holograms, and the dark and dirty internet.

classical light-up drones []

100 Drones Swarm in Formation

Ever since I thought of drones, I wanted this, but to like control 50 drones with a leap motion and orchestrate their movement. (Obviously, this would require a lot of practice and a lot of lawyers.) Awesome 2 minute video.

hologram assistants [en.rocketnews.24]

This Japanese startup has created a hologram assistant to control all your devices

Neat! I just started playing around with for Android, and it's a pretty sweet app. Having "Sam" talk to me and help me, even if "she" is a rudimentary speech interface, is really interesting. I just asked her how she's doing. She said, "Super! Thanks for asking! You?" I said, "Not too bad." She said, "Excellent! I hope things stay that way. How can I help you today." I said, "I'm fine, I was just wondering." She said, "Great! Glad to hear it."


let my eyes deceive me []

These Tricks Make Virtual Reality Feel Real

"Realistic digital spaces need delusions as much as they need detail."

the future of reading []

The Deep Space of Digital Reading

Deep dive into how we read online, and what the future of digital reading will bring.

awesome network visualizations []


This is a super cool visualization of data streaming between different Tor nodes.

new planet?! []

Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet

Holy shit! Another planet! Apparently it's a gaseous one.

the dark edge []

The FBI's 'Unprecedented' Hacking Campaign Targeted Over a Thousand Computers

The FBI routed and hosted a major child pornography website for two weeks to gather 1500 IPs of child pornography consumers. Weird. At the cutting edge of darkness.