ISSUE 0.33

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Crazy Science

Memory deletion. Life-enhancing techniques. A living internet. Gravitational waves. Awesome art! Bring on the future, baby.


A Neuroscientist’s Radical Theory of How Networks Become Conscious

The internet could be conscious, if you think of us as its neurons. Whoa, dude.


Scientists extend life of mice by 35 per cent by removing accumulated cells that no longer divide with compound AP20187

Dang, this is big. Any sort of legitimate life-enhancing technology is, quite frankly, amazing.


Gravitational Waves and How They Distort Space

OK, of course you've had to hear about this thing, right? So check out the neat physics behind it with lots of images and easy descriptions.


Suture Blue's Process for This GIF

The highly skilled, rotoscoping glitch artist Suture Blue shares her process for how she created this awesome GIF.


Weaved. Programmable Textile – Modelling fabrics into three-dimensional structures

I'm really into this. Watch the video - oddly calming, sensuous, mesmerizing.