ISSUE 0.34

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Bots, Mysteries, Fancy Technologies

A good ol' smorgasbord of robotics, space culture, technological advances, and internet mysteries.

uncanny identity []

Study: Nobody Wants Social Robots That Look Like Humans Because They Threaten Our Identity

Makes sense - robots that look like me, aren't quite like me, and might even be better than me in every way seems pretty threatening.

hypercompression []

‘Superman’ Memory Crystals Could Survive Billions of Years

As the comments point out, if the crystals survive, the tech needed to read them may not. Still, isn't that sort of poetic? It's like every fiction we have of finding and trying to understand ancient alien technology.

a retro future []

NASA's New Posters and the Retro Travel Ads That Inspired Them

Gorgeous retro-style advertisements about the different planets.

your money or your medical records []

A Hospital Paralyzed by Hackers

Hackers are holding a hospital's customer records ransom and are demanding $3.6 million dollars for them.

dark riddles []

Unraveling the mystery of 11b-x-1371

Nothing makes my inner nerd happier than a spooky, mysterious online riddle.