ISSUE 0.41

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New World Orders

The rise of the technocrati means politics has changed indelibly, as well as some darker things. Read about it and some neat new artistic computer tools.


In The Age Of Trump, Tech CEOs Cast Themselves As The New Statesmen

I for one welcome our new tech CEO overlords. (I'm kidding!)


Echo Papa Exposed: Inside Erik Prince’s Treacherous Drive to Build a Private Air Force

Eric Prince, Blackwater founder, is trying to build his own private army. That's one way to secure your future, I guess.


Dark Web Drug Dealers Are Making Sloppy Mistakes

Drug dealers, not good at highly sophisticated and subtle technology? Who knew?


Bots, Facebook and cut-up poetry: An interview with artist and bot-maker Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

A cool interview with the creator of a bot that generates models for 3d models on robots, the art-bot community, and Tay's meltdown.


Inside Palantir, Silicon Valley’s Most Secretive Company

Palantir, big data heavyweight extraordinaire, isn't doing so well. Very Silicon Valley article, but I always love staring into the guts of massive, secretive corporations.



Computationally created algorithmic tattoos. Cool.


Extreme Style Machines: Using Random Neural Networks to Generate Textures

Neural networks prove better than us at yet one more thing.


Racing on Carbon Fiber Legs: How Abled Should We Be?

An interesting essay on the usage of prosthetics in Olympic competitions. It really made me wonder - what is "fair" when it comes to these sorts of competitions? Aren't genetics the least fair thing in the world? I guess nothing is really fair.