ISSUE 0.43

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Robots, Minds, Matter

A whole lot of stuff exploring what deep learning sees, thinks, and creates. And also robots in the real world.


Movie written by algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense

Absolutely worth a watch. You know how neural networks can generate text? Well, they ran a neural net against a bunch of sci fi screenplays, then filmed the screenplay it produced.


See the Difference One Year Makes in Artificial Intelligence Research

A heck of a lot. I can't wait to see the results next year, or the year after.


Global Tech Issue 2016

Neat little one-page site that Bloomberg did for some of the coolest new tech of this year.


A guy trained a machine to "watch" Blade Runner. Then things got seriously sci-fi.

A neural network learns Blade Runner and then reproduces it from memory. It's particularly fascinating to watch the cuts to black, as the neural network explodes with color. It makes me think of dreaming.


The Architect of These Monstrous, Alien Cities Is an Algorithm

I love me some procedurally generated 3d landscapes.


This Silicon Valley Billionaire Wants to Give Us All Robot Bodies

OK, the title is a little clickbaity. Basically, a cool exploration of telepresence robots.


This 25-year-old lived for more than a year without a heart

New artificial heart device called a Syncardia allows heart patients to carry their hearts with them while waiting for a real heart transplant.