ISSUE 0.46

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Hacking Metal and Flesh

Hackers, medical self-help, synthetic cyborg animals, robots and fleshy things.


The Man Who Dissected His Own Brain

The pathology lab owned his tumor for research purposes. He learned pathology and explored it himself. He had to get his DNA resequenced because federal regulations prohibited release on the device that was used. Doctors have immense access to data about his brain and tumor that he himself, doesn't!


The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies

Fascinating piece of history. Long read. How many people can actually say, "Yeah, my dad's a spy"?


Lenin Lab: the team keeping the first Soviet leader embalmed

Creepy embalming of Vladimir Lenin - apparently this could last centuries longer. But apparently, mausoleum science is less interesting in the new generations and there may not be people around to preserve his body.


This unusual botnet targets scientists, engineers, and academics

Jaku, a potentially North Korean botnet, seems to be fairly widespread and discriminate, with 19,000 unique victims.


This Cyborg Stingray Is the Coolest Thing You'll See All Day

We did it. We synthesized life - and a cyborg lifeform, no less.


Please welcome my son Klav to the world

i don't know what this thing is and i don't like it


Your First Step to Becoming A Cyborg: Getting This Pierced In You

I thought about getting this for a brief moment, then I realized that I'm not quite that guy. But I did some reading, and apparently prior devices like this have given people an almost supernatural ability to sense north, even when the vibration pack is removed!