ISSUE 0.49

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"The elevation or exaltation of a person to the rank of a god." Articles about digital resurrections, alien happiness, transhumanism, and self-driving cars.


All Advanced Aliens Are in Happiness Boxes

Yep. I hope I live long enough to never die because I've been put into a paradise happy box.


Speak, Memory

"When her best friend died, she rebuilt him using artificial intelligence". Using memorial bots to deal with the loss of a friend.


Human Evolution: Timeline of the Near and Far Future

A cool infogrpahic of the potential future of an all-powerful and mighty humanity.


Earth Got You Down? Apply for Citizenship to Asgardia, a Future Space Country

In case you're trying to get out of earth, check out for more info (linked in the article).


NASA preps launch to give potential Earth-striking asteroid a 'kiss'

We're sending out a satellite to fetch a bit of rock from a much bigger rock hurtling too close for comfort.


How Tesla Autopilot drove a man with a blood clot to the hospital, and expanded the autonomous car debate

"News of the fatal crash involving Tesla Autopilot has sparked necessary debate over safety. The counterpoint is a life recently saved by Autopilot."


Uber starts self-driving car pickups in Pittsburgh

I can't wait until I can pay for a self-driving car to take me places.