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I Spy On the FBI

Privacy fashion, national watchlists for employers, declassified CIA documents, phone cracking. If you read this, you'll be on a list.


Hunting for evidence, Secret Service unlocks phone data with force or finesse

The Secret Service gets roped into helping crack phones for criminal investigations with warrants. They do all kinds of things like physically grinding down the phones, heating them up, hooking them up to boot devices, disassembling code, and more. The article also talks about potential issues with this, like the precedent being set by cops employing people to crack phones for them, like in the San Bernadino FBI/Apple case. Oh, speaking of which...


Firm That Helped FBI Break Into San Bernardino iPhone Gets Hacked, Tools Leaked Online

Y'know how Apple didn't want to build hacking tools for the FBI because those tools would inevitably get leaked and distributed? Well, that literal exact thing happened.


13 Million Pages of Declassified CIA Documents Were Just Posted Online

The CIA allowed people to access their documents on one of only four computers during limited hours. So one guy decided to hit them where it hurts: expensive printer ink, attempting to print every single one of the 13 million documents. They're online now. (And you can browse them if you like, too!)


Privacy by design: How fashion combats surveillance

Privacy and anti-surveillance fashion isn't a completely new idea, but this one is a particularly sleek implementation that throws a glare into cameras with just a pair of eyeglasses.


The FBI Is Building A National Watchlist That Gives Companies Real Time Updates On Employees

Holy shit, this is exactly as dystopic as it sounds - no fluff in this title. ". . .Rap Back programs receive ongoing, real-time notifications and updates about their employees’ run-ins with law enforcement, including arrests at protests and charges that do not end up in convictions." There's more in here, too, like how there's no restrictions on what other purposes the data can be used for.


The Scientists Who Control Your Brain's 'Buy' Button

Marketers. With science. Neuromarketing! Good article on the rise of neuromarketing in 2016 - and how people will do anything to make a buck. Thanks to @websterwade for forwarding this one!


glitch.js - corrupt jpg glitcher

Someone I know made this, a quick and simple JPG-style glitch tool that generates new glitches at a click. Just drag a new image onto the page to glitch that one. It's actually built with a usable JavaScript library you can find right here. Their cool, glitchy homepage is also here.

Tweets From Dystopia

Here are some dark tweets I found! I might make this a thing.

@BrandyLJensen: handling medical logistical responsibilities definitely means finding blood in response to tweet
@ctrlcreep: Vampires addicted to synthetic blood, vials of red ooze with higher platelet-content than anything found in nature