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Atomic Rooms

Repurposed nuclear shelters, Twitter without the Nazis, FedEx being weird, microbial ballistics, nukes, and more!


Antonio Faccilongo - Atomic Rooms

Antonio Faccilongo took fantastic photos of the Mao-policy-mandated nuclear shelters that had to be created beneath every new building where people could live for months. Cheap and plentiful, they've turned into living and communal spaces for the Chinese too poor to afford not-nuclear-shelter housing. Cyberpunk. As. Fuck.


Mastodon Is Like Twitter Without Nazis, So Why Are We Not Using It?

OK, disclaimer: I got really into Mastodon this week. I even made a this more nuanced scoop from someone who's been around the world for a bit, too. You can follow me at @[email protected]! Everyone's so nice there.


FedEx is turning your parcel tracking numbers into algorithmically generated club anthems

But literally why was this created? I mean it's REALLY cool but I cannot believe the number of people that must have gotten paid for this to be possible. as the article says... you can't stop the #brands. I really recommend playing around with creating your own package - it's straight up silly how much craft and care has gone into this experience.


First high-res look at microbial ballistics: Harpoons, spears, Gatling guns

Crazy high-res images and video of how microbes are like shooting each other with harpoons and spears and reeling them in and stuff! At all levels, nature is violent and brutal. Except humanity. We're perfect.


How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist

Great article on the ways in which technology (and specifically UX and UI) influence our choices and narrow our thoughts down into the funnels that they provide.


Tweetstream: Security vulnerabilities via Siri

A useful little tweetstream about how Siri can potentially give away tons of your personal information (including where you parked, where you live, and more) to strangers, and importantly, how to turn them off.


5 Terrifying Nuke Videos That Were Kept Secret for Decades—With Good Reason

The article features just five, but it contains a link to a full YouTube playlist of 64 different videos. So in case you felt like being in terrifying awe of the power of nuclear weapons, here you go.