ISSUE 1.22

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Slow Motion Apocalypse

Meme magic electing presidents, Nuclear North Korea, right-wing occultism, good doggos, and more.


Apocalypse Whatever

A fascinating (and damning) look into the religio-sociological aspects of the nihilistic 4channers who claim to have helped Trump gain the presidency via "meme magic".


A ‘Cuban Missile Crisis in Slow Motion’ in North Korea

You should probably know about the ongoing nuclear missile crisis with North Korea. I thought it wasn't a big deal! Apparently (from reading reddit and whatnot) the South Koreans don't either, but hey, you can get desensitized to anything until shit hits the fan.


Steve Bannon and the occult: The right wing’s long, strange love affair with New Age mysticism

Listen, there's nothing as cyberpunk, technomancical (not a word really), or futuresick (also not a word), as believing in new age and straight up occultist stuff in this day and age. And them durn hippie-brain leftists don't have sole rights to it, either -- occultism has its believers in the right as well.


Silicon Valley’s $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze

Perhaps even before reading this article you should read "I Just Love This Juicero Story So Much", which is hilarious (and primed me to read the main article too). "Sir, we’ve received some disturbing news. I don’t know how this happened, but apparently some of our customers are slightly less stupid than the absolute stupidest they possibly could be."

Joe Donley

(thank you for the submission, Joe!)


Museum of Virtual Art II

This is a free, downloadable first person gallery with 3D digital art from people all over the world. And it's multiplayer apparently! God the future is cool.


Raising good robots

On bringing robots to intelligence via parenting instead of programming. Oh! Do you like Choose Your Own Adventure games? Do you like CYOA games about ROBOTS? Do you like FREE ones? Especially ones that I recommend? Play this game it's SO good: Choice of Robots. You can like, get a robot arm, or have a polygamous relationship with a robot, or have it take over the world, and run a company, and fight China, and omg it's so good just play it (sorry article you just made me think of this)


Vigilante botnet infects IoT devices before blackhats can hijack them

Fuckin' - vigilante - botnet - good god yes this is my aesthetic
the botnet finds IoT devices and forcibly patches vulnerabilities which is some of the coolest gray hat shit I've ever heard of


Dogs Are Doggos: An Internet Language Built Around Love For The Puppers

well of course we built a custom language for the good ol doggos, theyr such a heckin good boys they deserve it the little wagwags