ISSUE 1.23

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Mechanical Religions

Ghosts in the cloud, artificial wombs, guns, terrorist plots foiled, festival fiascos, and more.


Hi! Brief message from me: thanks. I know I usually say this at the bottom of the emails (did you know there's a bottom of the emails?!), but I wanted to put it right here: after close to a year and a half of Glitchet, it's still goin', and it's 'cause you exist to consume it.

So, thanks for existing. Enjoy!


Ghost in the Cloud

A fascinating read on how closely transhumanism can hew to religion, especially as it handles aspects of death, resurrection, and immortality.


When Spies Come Home

This isn't an article but a page full of insane articles about "the powerful surveillance software ordinary people use to spy on their loved ones". Also, lots of the covers use glitch art! Worth a scroll through, especially to learn of the new term "stalkerware", which is exactly what it sounds like.


What Bullets Do to Bodies

Fair warning: this is an intense read. An article on the horrifying, not-at-all-abstract, implications of bullets and what they do to the body and how incredibly talented surgeons try to save them.


Tell the 'Bots' Your Secrets

Beware bots. Plenty of them are actually run by humans (or literally are humans), and they might be using your information. This is an overview that includes a short story inside of it.


An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next

oh fucking fuck fuck and i thought the embryo without humans thing was crazy holy f


The Doomsday Scam

"For decades, aspiring bomb makers — including ISIS — have desperately tried to get their hands on a lethal substance called red mercury. There’s a reason that they never have." (Because it's made up. Good long read.)


Fyre Festival Descended Into Utter Chaos And The People Who Paid Serious Cash For It Are Livid

All right, have some juicy, juicy schadenfreude. Fyre Festival was an absolute shitshow, which was supposed to be a hot event for hot people with lots of money (especially rich millennials and "influencers") that turned out to just strand tons of people. Here's a bonus article on how it was always going to be a disaster.


Reckon you've seen some stupid security things? Here, hold my beer...

These are some appallingly bad security practices. Like, I did think I saw some stupid things and Troy Hunt totally showed me up. (At least check out the very last one, which is ridiculous.) Don't trust companies that don't use SSL, folks - and maybe even check your local storage for your browser if you're paranoid.