ISSUE 1.26

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Puffy Planets

Styrofoam planets, glitch art, nuclear space weather, art, virtual bunny deaths, and more.


"Puffy planet" has the same density as Styrofoam

This is what space gods use to pack their interdimensional deliveries.


Cold War data reveals impact of nuclear tests on space weather

Man, I didn't even know space had weather. But color me unsurprised that our planet's investment in murderboom technology has done things to not just our planet.


Analog:Glitch, double exposed images of glitch and street photography

Some fantastic glitch art by Doctor Popular done via double-exposures. Tons of pretty images right inside--and despite the simple concept, it delivers on some delicious visuals that manage to work exceedingly well.


Renraku - Experimental electronic music label

Kaya Bowman of Renraku reached out to me via email with his very neat electronic music label. Ordinarily, I wouldn't share an entire label here (occasionally I do individual tracks), but I gave a bunch of their artists a listen and it's really great stuff that is probably interesting to a bunch of y'all. Here's a hand-picked list of tracks that Kaya feels best sum them up as a label:


Medium or Extra-Large: A Brief History of the San Francisco International Video Festival, 1980–1987

Let's take a brief journey into the 80s with this neat article on the video art and technology that was emerging back then.


The war you’ve never heard of

Oh you know, just another clandestine war waged in a foreign country by the U.S.A.


Child Pornographers Hide in the Web's Dark Corners. This Startup Is Helping Catch Them

Do you know Sonya Mann of Exolymph? She, and Exolymph, are pretty fantastic newsletters. (Well, she's not a newsletter. But she is fantastic.) She wrote this article, all about a startups unusual and bold pivot into helping catch child pornographers.


Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts

I mean, what do I say? "Womp womp..." seems inappropriate, but... womp, womp.


Many pet rabbits will die in Second Life on Saturday

Due to a legal dispute! Just so you know, there are lots of people in Second Life who take this very seriously - and I'm not even trying to be disparaging. Someone probably put a lot of time, effort, and potentially real money into these ventures.