ISSUE 1.28

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Only Technology Can Fix Technology

Technological statecraft, ineffectual tech, CO2-sucking machines, brutalist app design, hypersonic missiles, and more.


Technology is making the world more unequal. Only technology can fix this

Interesting article on statecraft and inequality as modified, aided, destroyed, by technology.


The Long, Slow, Rotten March of Progress

As it turns out, the people unaffected by silly apps and technology money's surplus don't care about apps and technology while economic, societal, and sociopolitical problems run rampant in their communities.


This Machine Just Started Sucking CO2 Out Of The Air To Save Us From Climate Change

Oh holy god unlikely trinity of science capitalism and desperation please let this fix all of our problems and make many millions of these machines and deliver us from a sad and fiery death


This Is What A Brutalist World Would Look Like On Your Phone

Am I weird? I actually really like this. It feels honest. Then again, ello once employed a hip, trendy Brutalist feel, but they were as capitalist as anyone else.


Downloading a Nightmare

Here's an extremely challenging article: autistic individuals, frequently unable to process emotional context or empathy easily, find themselves subject to SWAT teams and courts because they view and download child pornography with the same computer-like obsessiveness that they might apply to train timetables.


How Facebook's tentacles reach further than you think

Facebook wants to rule, not the world--but life itself. And don't you forget it.


Megabots' giant American fighting robot beats up a Toyota Prius

YEAH FUCK YEAH AMERICA FUCK okay I'll admit my American-born-and-bred bloodlust is not quite satisfied by the velocity with which the robot arm is smashing that Prius but man we're actually building a giant robot is that dope or what